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Featured Juried Member of the Month - 2012

2012 December Featured Juried Artist Member of the Month
Lorraine Bromley

"I am a calligrapher, lettering artist, painter, illustrator and book maker. My inspirations come from words and images, which I combine in traditional and contemporary ways. I have definitely developed my art over the years, and teaching watercolor techniques has helped me see this and understand what I do. Having opportunities to teach and exhibit work in Wickford is a gift, preparing work, receiving feedback, and sharing my passion as an artist."

Lorraine has served the WAA as President, V. President, Communications/Newsletter‐editor/designer, watercolor teacher, student, demonstrator and volunteer.

Lorraine studied the Studio Arts: Painting, Photography, and Graphic Design at RI College (Class of 79") and studied specifically the fine art of watercolor with Spencer Crooks, Kurt VanDexter, Angelo Marinosci, Tom Lynch, Ted Minchin, Alvaro Castagnet,and Laurie Doctor. She is an avid traveler- independently practicing her art in Costa Rica, Greece, France, Ireland, and England as well as many wonderful places in the states. These places inspire, educate, and bring other discoveries into her art.

"My watercolors now lean a little more into abstract but still traditional subjects. I challenge myself by incorporating calligraphic and mixed media into my studies, but watercolor remains my main medium. I give myself permission to experiment and use my intuition more of a source, instead of only what I see in front of me, I improvise much more now and it is much more fun. My tools are my camera, my calligraphic marks, my computer, my design and painting skills- all integral parts of the ever-changing world around me.

"I am an enthusiastic artist, designer, photographer. I believe that the practice of "ART" is a total experience, involving body, mind, and spirit. In this sense, the practice of painting, drawing, writing and observing only enhances my personal growth. Being aware of my connection with nature, with or without words. I combine the passion for drawing/design and create art in traditional and contemporary words with images. My work comes from not only looking but experiencing the world around me, and then translating these visual and emotional perceptions. With every creation, there is a new discovery, a new challenge, a new solution. Every time I approach the blank white paper, I take a unique journey always unlike the last, and never like the next. It is what keeps me coming back to the passions of painting again and again."

"Born and raised in Rhode Island I have always been an artist and found designing, painting and drawing nature was going to be my life's passion early on. After studying the studio arts in college, graphic design became my profession for 30 years and I now use those tools for painting, lettering, photographing and garner ideas into fine art. I am comfortable with the medium of watercolor and now bringing acrylics into my artwork as a mixed media approach. I admire patterns, texture, color and the practice of brushstrokes, layering techniques and the lettering arts."

My advice to other artists...is to practice, draw, observe, travel and share.

"Sharing what others have shared with me in an artist community like the Wickford Art Association opens awareness to many talented artists, an opportunity to exhibit, sharing ideas, techniques, challenges, and thinking in new and creative ways"

Lorraine is also a member if the Art League of Rhode Island

2012 November Featured Juried Artist Member of the Month
Sally Blitzer, Watercolorist

Sally Blitzer has been a lover of art ever since she can remember. She began as an oil painter and eventually switched to painting in watercolors. Sally studied in New York at The New School and also in Providence at the Contemporary Art School in College Hill as well as studying rivately under the instruction of Carole Berren AWS for over 9 years. She is a member of theWickford Art Association as well as South County Association where she shows her work. She has also exhibited at the Providence Art Club and numerous other venues.

Sally's sense of humor shines through in all of her work. Her philosophy on art is that "People need to look at it and feel the message the artist is trying to convey through the strokes and the shadows and light‐the color and composition. Art is essential for any community and the artist that wants to express themselves through their art needs to love what they do first nd when they do, they will convey their message through their work." Sally believes art brings people together as they create and view it together. "Many fine friendships that last a lifetime have come through art related connections. Some people create art and never show it, but the need to create something beautiful or interesting and thought provoking is part of who they are and it brings them great satisfaction." And for those who do chose to put themselves out there and exhibit or attempt to exhibit their work she recommends that they be true to their heart and soul. "Find your passion! You win some you lose some, it happens to all those who take the risk and put their work on exhibit. When you get in a juried show or win an award it is great affirmation but when rejection occurs you have to remember it is simply a part of the process, don't take it to heart, it is only one person's opinion."

Sally has won several awards in exhibitions and continues to paint and sell her work.

2012 October Featured Juried Artist Member of the Month
Carol Sward Comeau

Oil Painter, Pen & Ink, Photographer

Creating and enjoying art has been an important part of Carol Sward Comeau’s life since becoming class artist in high school. She maintains a painting studio/gallery in Ashaway,
RI. Oil is her favorite medium, although she works in pastel, pen and ink, and is also an award‐winning‐photographer. Her photographic education and experience coupled with
ownership of two photo studios provided a solid foundation for her painting and drawing studies over the last twenty‐five years. She has studied with well‐known artists’ such as
Dean Keller, Foster Caddell, Ron Griswold, Lou Bonamarte, Jack Montemart, Joann Ballinger and other professionals.

Carols’ work experience includes the engineering, printing and sales/marketing industries. She has covered weddings, taken portraits and commercial assignments, as well as covered
news events for Channels 6 and 12 and the United Press International. She is a published photographer and writer with work in Hasselblad Magazine and the Professional
Photographer’s Magazine and numerous other publications.

Carol is a Lifetime and an Elected Artist Member of the Wickford Art Association as well as an Elected Artist Member of the Mystic Arts Center. She spent five or six years hanging the
shows at the WAA Gallery and has won several awards and had two 3‐person shows here. Over the years she has also been a member of the Norwich Arts Center, Norwich CT.; South
Shore Artist’s Assn.; Westerly, RI; Eastern Shore Art Assn., Fairhope, Al; Pensacola Museum of Art and Quayside Artist’s Coop in Pensacola, Fl. She has exhibited in galleries and venues
in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine and Florida with her work is also in private homes in all the New England States as well as New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida and Minnesota.
Carol is inspired by that unexpected instant in time when the light and color converge on a subject to provide an extraordinary visual experience. She records those moments
photographically and calls them back when attempting to paint that feeling. Her creative energy is fueled by nature, ignited by a good thunderstorm and inspired by the love of
these things and of those she cherishes.

2012 September Featured Juried Artist of the Month
Jillian Barber

Ceramic sculpture, Photography

Jillian Barber was born in Staffordshire, England, (the home of English pottery!), grew up in Rhode Island, and presently resides in Jamestown, RI on the island of Conanicut in Narragansett Bay An award‐winning ceramic sculptor and photographer, Jillian is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design where she studied clay with Norman Schulman and glass with Dale Chihuly.

Jillian is very active in local art associations and has worked professionally in the arts for over thirtyfive years. She is a past recipient of a Fellowship in Design.
Jillian is well known for fantasy masks sculpted from individual portrait castings and imaginative, expressive mythical animals. She is inspired by natural beauty. She creates a headdress to surround each face of flowers or birds, dragons, and shells. They often have the feeling of a temple mask. The masks are richly textured and colorfully glazed combining her love of nature with the realm of symbols, archetypes, and dreams. Masks of both men and women have a peaceful, meditative beauty. One favorite is the Mask of the Greenman. Choosing a handsome, expressive face, Jillian
surrounds the form with leaves and vines, glazing the piece in celadon green. The Greenman is an ancient symbol of male fertility, rebirth, and regeneration. He makes a dramatic fountain as well.
Jillian’s clay animals also have a life of their own. They vary from small, whimsical, pea‐eating dragons to large, crouching lion‐like creatures. She loves to make lacy fish, seahorses, mermaids, and turtles for the wall. Each piece is made entirely by the artist’s hand of fine, white clay with textures of antique lace and shells. Each piece is individually created, painted with under glazes, and often fired three times with the addition of mother‐of‐pearl luster.

Jillian is also an accomplished photographer. Her work is ethereal, and earthy with a mythological feel. Jillian is a born story teller‐her stories come through her heart and hands and captured and translated through her lens. Jillian’s work can be seen at many galleries and shows throughout New England.

August 2012 Featured Juried Artist Member of the Month
Howard Rubenstein

Howard is a long‐standing member of the Wickford Art Association. He has served on the Board as both Vice President and President. Howard’s “Out of the Box” Photography course taught here over the years has inspired many artists to be free and think outside the box. Howard’s quest to live fully and freely on the right side of the brain has translated into setting many of his students free to enjoy the same liberty that comes from the creative process. Howard also pursues other art forms freely such as wood working and painting.

After three agonizing years of indecision, analysis by art therapists, psycho‐ Therapists and even several astrologists, Howard Rubenstein chose to leave a 25 year, successful practice as a periodontist to pursue a career as a professional photographer.

Initially, to finance his new lifestyle, Rubenstein turned to shooting wedding photography and studio portraiture, both of which he soon found to be quite limiting, stifling his creativity and ultimately leading to another difficult decision. Would he go mainstream with work he knew would sell or would he sacrifice the financial reward to pursue photography as art, for its joy and inner rewards? Choosing the latter, he says simply; “I ended up doing it my way. Given who I am, I had no other choice.”

Reviewing his body of work over the years, this art photographer describes his black‐and‐white abstract canyon pieces, exhibited on a national museum tour in 2004‐2005, black‐and‐white and color images of Rhode Island, abstract figurative work, as Bodyscapes, exhibited as a solo show at the Newport Art Museum, abstract night photography, as Nightscapes, African animals, automobiles and oil and acrylic photo‐paintings.

Mr. Rubenstein has also shown in galleries throughout the United States and has been published in several books. Although he has garnered many awards and honors in a variety of media, he feels winning the Rhode Island Governor’s award in 2004 his biggest thrill.

2012 July Featured Juried Artist Member of the Month
Joan Thompson Boghossian

A career that began in 1978 because of a successful bid at a silent auction has led to Joan Thompson Boghossian’s present status as one of New England’s major artists. The University of Rhode Island graduate began her art studies with the late Herman Itchkawitch, and then studied with prominent local and national artists. Encouraged by early successes, she became recognized as an outstanding talent in Southern New England.

Boghossian’s paintings have won regional and national awards in watercolor, oils, etchings and monotypes, and the demand for her work has steadily increased in art circles. She has won more than 50 significant prizes during the last ten years. One of her watercolors was chosen for the prestigious American Watercolor Society’s Annual National Exhibition. She has received first prize in watercolor at more than 20 open shows, including Cape Cod Art Association’s All-New England Show and Mystic Art Association’s Annual Regional Exhibition. She is a four-time winner of the Grumbacher Gold Medallion Award in watercolor. In 1996 she won a medal at the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club in their Annual Exhibition at the National Arts Club in New York. In 1998 she received the Mary Hill Memorial Award in Watermedia at the same nationally known Art Club. She is a signature member of the New England Watercolor Society and an elected artist member of other
art associations; the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club of New York, the Providence Art Club, Mystic Art Association and the Copley Society of Boston. Her paintings have been shown in museums, art associations and galleries, primarily in New England, but also throughout the United States and abroad. They are included in private and business collections. A native of Newport, Rhode Island, Boghossian lives in Pawtucket and maintains a studio there and Narragansett.

Copley Artist Member:
The Copley Society of Boston
Elected Artist Member:
Providence Art Club
Elected Artist Member:
R.I. Watercolor Society
Elected Artist Member:
Mystic Art Association
Elected Artist Member;
Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club
Elected Artist Member:
New England Watercolor Society
Elected Artist Member:
Art League of Rhode Island
Juried Artist Member
Wickford Art Association

Carole Berren, AWS
Carole Berren, a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, is an award winning painter and a popular instructor of drawing and watercolor. In the journey that is art, Carole embraces the curious wonderment of continued learning, discovery and experimentation. She has studied art at RISD, the Corcoran School of Art in DC and the Danforth Museum. In addition, she has studied painting with Betty Lou Schlemm, Barbara Nechis, Barbara Delannoy, Skip Lawrence, Charles Reid, Tom Sgourus, George James, John Salminen, Alvaro Castagnet and many others. Carole’s recent work with watercolor on Yupo paper has earned her national recognition. She has been awarded the Edgar Whitney Memorial Award as well as the prestigious CFS Medal in the American Watercolor Society’s Annual International Exhibitions in New York City. Her work has also received recognition by the North East, Rocky Mountain, New England and National Watercolor Societies. In June 2012, her work will be published in North Light’s “Splash 13 the Best of Watercolor” book. In addition, an article on Carole and her award winning work on Yupo will be featured in the Watercolor Artist Magazine October 2012 issue.

I am intrigued by the relationships–the similarities and the paradoxes–of man to his environment, to the eternal energies of the magnificent oceans, to the promises of the lotus bud, to the changes in nature that we try to understand. I look forward to my own learning, searching and growth as I sit in the cocoon of my own metamorphoses. I am not yet a butterfly.

2012 May Featured Juried Artist Member of the Month Olive Willis
Fine Art Oil Painter, Pastel, Drawing

Olive became a member of the WAA in the mid 80’s and very quickly was asked to be the chairperson of the festival. A year later she was asked to become the President. Being asked to be in these position’s came as a complete surprise to her each time. But her memories of those years are full of laughter, inspiration and teamwork. Back in those days they used to meet in a back room of the old Baptist church and Olive would move the tables to one side of the room and each artist that brought their work in would speak about it to the rest of them before the meeting began. It quickly was apparent to Olive that they needed a building of their own‐ a place to cultivate art and encourage artists and art lovers alike. Once the idea was born in her heart and mind she went after it with gusto.

Olive and the building committee chairperson she had appointed, Bob Brown met with a young architect named Gerald R. Brothers in Providence who graciously agreed to her proposal and offered to create the plans for the gallery free of charge. Next came the convincing of the Town of North Kingstown to help them find a place to put the gallery. There were a few sad offers, including Goat Island until one day they were walking and talking on the beach and she was offered a place to build which to seemed to Olive would be susceptible to being destroyed by a storm. Olive looked around and walked right to a nice safer spot on the landscape and said, “There, how about right there?” You guessed it, “there” is where we are located today, on that very spot now considered 36 Beach Street. After 4 years of her presidency and feeling as though she had accomplished what she set out to do she passed the baton on to the next president she had recruited herself.

Olive also has been playing piano and leading choirs for many years and when asked what would the world look like without art and music said, “That would be terrible and sad. Life would be colorless and without inspiration. The community needs “art” and the meaningful beauty that it brings to our daily lives.”

Interview brought to by Sarah Tallarico, WAA Gallery Director

April 2012 Featured Juried Artist Member of the Month
Rick Devin, Mixed Media Artist, Sculptor

Rick Devin has been creating artwork and works of art for over thirty years. His work is constantly taking new directions as he believes that repetition is the root of stagnation. His paintings are executed in acrylic. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States. His other work is done in a variety of mixed media. His soft sculptures are done in very limited quantities. No two are exactly alike.

Many of the small sculptures are one of a kind as he uses pieces and parts of costume jewelry and other findings which are unique to each one. These sculptures range in height from four to eight inches. The photo to above is of the artist with his creation “No Time on My Hands” The clock is wood covered with canvas and stands about six feet high.

Rick found the Wickford Art Association when he first moved to Rhode Island and was looking for a community of artists to belong to in the beginning of the 80’s. Rick ran the Wickford Art Festival for many years and later co-ran it with Francie Christopherson until as he said; he left it in her capable hands.

Rick maintains a small gallery in Hope Valley Rhode Island which is open by appointment. Please be patient when making an inquiry as he is only a one person operation. Should you wish to contact him he can be reached at: 401-539-8627 rickdevinltd@yahoo.com http://www.devinicals.com

Anne Titus Hoyle

A Rhode Island native, Anne spent her early years in Newport, attended URI then became an RN after graduating from the Newton Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing in MA. She had always carried a camera–beginning with a box camera as a child. It wasn’t until the late 70′s that she became interested in photography as an art form. Anne first discovered her creative talents when she purchased her first 35mm camera, especially receiving a portrait lens. She states “it brings everything right to you. You can see the reality of what you are dealing with.” When asked what inspires her to keep herself motivated, Anne shares that being in a community of artists helps a person thrive.

As a former president for four years, Anne has played a very important role in the development of the Wickford Art Association. We will always treasure her contributions.

The Wickford Art Association
The Mystic Art Association
Newport Art Museum Gallery
The Atrium Gallery
Scituate Art Association
The Artists’ Gallery of Westerly
The Art Festival at Westerly
The Hoxie Gallery, Westerly
The Wickford Art Festival
The Newport Art Festival
The RI Watercolor Society
Newport Art Museum
R&R Gallery
Courthouse Center for the Arts
South County Art Association
Warwick Art Museum

February 2012 Featured Juried Artist Member of the Month Lee Alexander,
Collagist and Painter

Wickford Art Association, South County Art Association, East Greenwich Art Association, and the Warwick Art Club

Lee Alexander was born in Milan, Italy, moving to the United States at the age of twenty-­‐one. While having a clear talent and understanding of art at a young age, Lee did not begin her artistic career until 25 years ago. Primarily known for her work in collage, pastel and oil, Lee’s work is seen internationally, with shows in Italy and Puerto Rico. Lee Alexander has been a member of the Wickford Art Association for over twenty years and has gained recognition as a Life Member.
Still an active participant at the gallery, she received an honorable mention for her collage, The Alps, at our first show of 2012. When asked what advice she had for aspiring artists, Lee stated that she believes that the artist himself tends to be his own worst critic and everyone is good at what they love. Lee Alexander will always be a valued member at the Wickford Art Association

Norma Cheek
Illustrator, Fine Art Watercolorist

A resident of Cranston,
Rhode Island.
Norma received her training at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her studies included: fashion illustration, graphic design, interior design and portrait classes.
In addition to this she has taken private classes from Rhode Island professional artists.

In her professional career she has worked in Boston and also Hopkinton, Mass. and in several advertising agencies in Providence as a fashion artist. In addition to this she free-lanced for several specialty stores in Rhode Island as a fashion artist, drawing anything from shoes to jewelry to perfume or furs and of course figure drawing. Norma’s ads appeared in the National Advertisers weekly magazine for layout, design and art.

Norma has exhibited at and been a member of the Wickford Art Association for many years. Here she developed the “fine” side of her art. She has enjoyed painting children’s portraits using an American primitive painting folk art style with acrylics. Her work has also been exhibited at the Cranston library and in the Maritime Provinces in Canada. In 2009 Norma was selected to be an exhibitor in the “Scenes of Rhode Island” show at the Atrium Gallery which hosted a Governors Reception & Awards ceremony.

Over the years Norma had the privilege of traveling extensively throughout the world alongside her husband and the richness of her experiences has enhanced her creative expression.

Norma has been painting and drawing all her life and she continues to do so because she discovered a long time ago that it was not just what shedid, but that is a big part of who she is. Although she was self-motivated and already working as an artist, she attributes her interest and success in her artwork initially to her mother who was an avid seamstress and encouraged her to sew. This skill was part of what brought her to a career in fashion illustration. But when her sewing machine was broken, it was the man who fixed it that became her biggest supporter and inspiration. Norma credits Blaine, her husband with being her greatest supporter enabling her to embrace life with a hope, passion and inspiration that could be expressed in her art. Although Blaine has passed he lives on in her heart and his words of encouragement still ring in her ears.

She paints mostly at home and encourages others to engage in art for life. Norma’s biggest collectors are her daughterNatalie and her grandchildren. Her art and her family are her legacy. Norma considers it a privilege to have been able to earn her living doing what she loved, being an artist. She still continues to show her work in exhibits and can sometimes be found on Tuesday afternoons at the WAAs open studio.


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