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Art Classes

2017 Spring & Summer Art Classes Listing & Schedule

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Figure Drawing
Kathleen Weber
June 5 - 26 (4 classes)
9:30 AM - 12 Noon
This class will focus on drawing the nude figure, using both quick gesture studies and longer poses. Students will learn anatomy and proportions of the human figure and will become more comfortable and confident in rendering the human form.
We will use mostly charcoal and conte crayon on newsprint, although students may try different materials if they wish. The instructor will do demonstrations and welcomes questions about other materials to use in class. All levels welcome.
$125 Members  $160 Non-members
$40 Model Fee
Supply list


Mixed Media Drawing & Painting
Claire Bowen
May 2 - 23 (4 classes)
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
This multi-media, explorative class encourages the individual to discover one's process through the transition from drawing into painting. We will start by drawing from observation and quickly move into using layers of paper, paint and various collected materials. Subject matter may change from representation into abstraction. One will be guided to find one's individual "voice" and to be courageous in use of new materials and process. Open to all levels. 
$150 Members  $185 Non-members
$15 Material Fee
Supply list


Gearing Up To Go Out
Trish Hurley
April 19 - May 17 (4 classes - no class 5/3)
1 - 4 PM
Painting outside is a great way to enjoy the summer months in New England!  But what do you focus on? There are always so many things to look at, distractions, and multiple supplies; it can all be so daunting!  In this class, we will view images and discuss the basics of design and composition to start. Then copying and working from photos, we will discuss different mediums/materials as well as light and color mixing and how to get the most of those outdoor sessions so it'll be much easier and enjoyable. This class is appropriate for beginning students and is open to any painting medium.
$150 Members  $185 Non-members


Sculpt a Dragon
Christy Sherman
A "Make & Take" Workshop
Saturday, April 8
10 AM - 3 PM
This workshop will be an in depth exploration of all things dragon as we sculpt one in relief. We will work in polymer clay, and cover different techniques to sculpt, model, and texture the dragon. Relief sculpture is a marvelous combination of 2 and 3 dimensional techniques, drawing and sculpting at the same time. Look at a coin to see a miniature example of a bas-relief.
I will demo techniques such as different scale patterns, body, and wing designs, along with a few shortcuts I've learned along the way. I'll provide reference images for the same project, but you're welcome to make whatever you like.
We'll learn how to create a gorgeous iridescent effect for the dragon scales and I'll also cover texturing and dry brushing techniques to create realistic looking stone.
This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to try sculpting or polymer clay. No experience needed, and techniques will apply to any sculpting project you do, not just dragons.
$100 Members   $135 Non-members
$25 Material fee - All materials included


Painting with Watermedia on Terra Skin
Cynthia DiDonato

A Two - Day Workshop
Wednesday & Thursday, April 12 & 13
10 AM - 1 PM

Learn how to use water media to paint on Terra Skin, an environmentally friendly paper made from mineral powder and non-toxic resin. Participants will experiment with using several techniques to apply liquid, tube, pencil or crayon watermedia to Terra Skin to create abstract or semi-abstract paintings from their imaginations or their own photos.
$90 Members   $125 Non-members
$15 Material fee - For 2 large sheets of Terra Skin
Supply list


Shibori Expressions - Ann Bianchi
A Two - Day Workshop
Saturday & Sunday, April 22 & 23
10 AM - 2 PM
Fabrics from natural cellulose fibers (cottons and silks) will be our "canvases" as we experiment with historical and cultural dyeing and resist methods. Working in the styles of Arashi Shibori, Itajime Shibori and Adire Elesso, we'll add colors to white cloth for fantastic results.  A beautifully prepared cloth may be constructed into a wearable item or perhaps framed as a piece of art, or a wall hanging.  In this workshop I will provide multiple demonstrations, and offer guidance on suggested final product applications. Be prepared to be amazed with your results, have fun and witness colors merging together as they take on a life of their own! Work with varieties of fabrics within each method and observe countless outcomes. Samples of completed work and step-by-step instructions will guide participants. No prior experience needed. All skills are welcome.
$120 Members   $155 Non-members
$25 Material fee - All materials included


Fast and Fresh!
A Two - Day Pastel Workshop
Michele Poirier Mozzone, PSA, IAPS/MC
Saturday & Sunday, April 29 & 30
9 AM - 4 PM
Working from photographs, we will explore good composition, underpainting techniques, color choices and how a successful underpainting affects your finished piece. Timed exercises will help free you from hesitation and loosen you up. This workshop pertains to all subject matter - landscape, figurative, still life, etc. Basic knowledge of pastel is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.
$250 Members   $285 Non-members
UArt Sanded Pastel Paper will be available to buy for $15 a sheet.
Supply list


The Next Step in Digital Photography 
Cindy Horovitz Wilson
May 15 - June 12 (4 classes - no class 5/29)
7 - 9  PM
Are you ready to wake up and challenge yourself photographically? You know the shutter speeds and the f-stops, now is the time to learn new skills and techniques to elevate your photography to the next level. Join Cindy Horovitz Wilson in this four-session class geared towards more advanced creative and technical tools, as well as deepening your personal vision.
Each class will feature a pre-assignment of visual concepts. We will then review the images presented in class, and discuss how to technically achieve your vision.
Who should attend: advanced amateurs and intermediate students & photographers. 
What to expect: to gain the confidence to elevate your personal photographic skills.
$150 Members  $185 Non-members 


Honing Your Photography Vision:
Building a Strong Portfolio
Cindy Horovitz Wilson
May 25 - June 22 (4 classes - no class 6/8)
7 - 9  PM
How does one create a cohesive body of work, and the vision that creates it? This class is designed for the student who is interested in taking their photography to the project, portfolio level. Each class will have a critique of the current body of the student's work, with constructive ideas on how to grow and expand to a more concise portfolio. Group participation and encouragement will give each student directions in which to explore and strengthen their work. Knowledge of basic photography required. This will not be a technical class.
$175 Members  $210 Non-members 


Plein Air Pastels - Jeanne Tangney
May 11 - June 1 (4 classes)
2 - 5 PM
There is no better way to celebrate Spring than to take your pastels outdoors and few places can rival Wickford for plein air painting! Visiting a new location each week, we will discuss how to identify interesting compositions, simplify details, and capture light. Classes will include demonstration of methods, materials, and techniques, as well as plenty of individual attention. All levels are welcome.
$150 Members   $185 Non-members
Supply list


Photography Through a Feminine Lens
Barbara Bourgette
June 1, 8 &15 (3 classes)
11 AM - 1 PM
This 3-session brown bag discussion group will explore how women create photographic images.  Topics we will explore are:  gender differences in photography, the feminine creative process, the path from a woman's eye to her print, and how to utilize a woman's natural feminine strengths creatively.  Session 1 will explore the above topics, session 2 will include a photo walk utilizing tips learned in Session 1, and session 3 will be a discussion and image review of images created in Session 2.
$75 Members   $110 Non-members


Oil Pastel Floral Finds 
Ann Bianchi
Saturday, June 3
9 AM - 12 Noon
Enjoy creating with vibrant colors of Oil Pastels. Give new life to favorite floral subjects.  This unique medium is applied as a drawing and concludes in a painterly style.  Oil Pastels, a mixture of oil, wax binder and intense stick pigment will allow you to work quickly. Using special applications and effects, we will capture the freshness of Impressionist art. Learn to identify composition, and color palettes. Working on smooth surfaces you'll apply a luminous underpainting, which will give your work an opulent feel and you will be on your way to a masterpiece!  We will work directly from still life floral arrangements.   Individualized detailed demonstrations for this medium will encourage all skill levels to participate in this exciting one-day workshop.  All levels welcome, and no prior experience needed. 
$65 Members   $100 Non-members
$10 Material fee - All materials included


Morning Masterpiece - Ann Bianchi
Saturday, July 22
9 AM - 12 Noon
Have you wished to create a special painting in a day? This one-day oil painting workshop is for you. It will simplify layout techniques for landscapes or seascapes, and provide basic tips and skills for creating with Water Soluble Oil Paints, those that blend and clean up without chemical solvents. Ann will share her knowledge of painting, using impressionistic techniques to achieve loose, painterly results. Enjoy a boost of confidence as you achieve artistic success with basic composition and perspective skills while demonstrating painting application methods to complete your own masterpiece. Please bring favorite photos for reference.  All levels welcome and no prior experience needed. 
$65 Members   $100 Non-members
$15 Material fee - All materials included


Late Afternoon Plein Air Painting
Trish Hurley
June 20, 27, July 11, 18 (4 classes)
4 - 7 PM
As the sun sets, the exaggerated shadows make for beautiful color and design in the composition for a painter of any medium.  Blocking in quick compositions and reactionary painting sets a painting challenge as the sun quickly moves to set.  We will start at North Kingstown Beach, I will do a quick demo in oil with a basic palette of the primary colors to get you on your way. We will have a quick group viewing at the end of each class. Each week we will be at a different location and you are welcome to paint with the medium of your choice. Beginners with patience are welcome.
$150 Members  $185 Non-members
Supply list


Morning Light Plein Air Painting
Trish Hurley
June 21, 28, July 12, 19 (4 classes)
7:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Morning Light is absolutely stunning and painting along the coast in Southern Rhode Island a great way to start the day!!  First class starting at the North Kingstown Beach, I will do an oil paint demonstration and start you on your way to blocking in tones, building up a quick simple composition, and then adjusting color to show the atmospheric perspective.  Each week we will be at a different location and you are welcome to paint with your medium of choice.  Beginners with patience are welcome.
$150 Members  $185 Non-members
Supply list


Polymer Clay Jewelry
Christy Sherman
A "Make & Take" Class
Saturday, June 24
9 AM - 12 Noon
This is your chance to learn some jewelry techniques and make a necklace that is completely you - from start to finish. You will make 2-3 "donut" beads in your choice of color, shape, size and texture out of polymer clay. While the beads are curing, you will learn how to make a wire wrapped dangle using mother of pearl dagger beads and how to make a tassel out of fibers or ribbon. You will also have the option of making a wire bail to hang your pendant from a simple cord or leather necklace, or using sari silk for a longer, more ornate design. If time permits, you can complete both necklace styles. No experience needed.
$50 Members   $85 Non-members
$15 Material fee - All materials included


Intro to Drawing
Felicia Touhey
Tuesdays, August 1 - 29 (5 classes)
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Learn the basics of drawing or build on what you know in a  casual and non-threatening atmosphere.  This is a class for beginners and those with some drawing experience to explore line, shape and form.  You will learn about proportion, perspective and value while developing the necessary knowledge to successfully draw from observation. We will work with pencils and charcoal in this class. No previous drawing experience is needed.
$180 Members   $215 Non-members
Supply list


If You Can Glue It, You Can Do It
Mo Mancini

Saturday, August 12
11 AM - 2 PM

This class is an introduction to the art of "assemblage" using found and repurposed materials. 
Picasso said that deconstruction precedes construction. To create one needs to destroy or put aside preconditioned ideas, embarking on a path of openness and discovery.
Students will create an assemblage with found objects, small treasures from home, saved odds & ends. Anything that you are drawn to and would like to playfully assemble in a 3d sculpture can be used.
The possibilities are limitless, no experience needed just spontaneity, openness and discovery.

$55 Members   $90 Non-members
$10 Material fee

How to Improve and Optimize Digital Images of Your Work
Kathy Hodge

Saturday, August 19, 10 AM - 1 PM
The biggest complaint I hear from those in the gallery/competition world is that often images of artwork don't do justice to the work. Even after you take a hi-resolution, in-focus image, there is much that can be done to make sure your artwork looks true to its greatness.
With the right knowledge and software a skewed image can be easily fixed, a color cast corrected, dust and scratches eliminated. And when your image is perfected, you will have an unlimited copies.
In this class you will learn how to best correct your images, square them up, correct color and optimize for print or web. I will pass out a document that explains it all so you can concentrate on following along without taking notes. 
When your images are ready you will be given tips on how to attach your images to an effective press release.
You will need Photoshop or a comparable image editing program, and you will be asked to bring in a high resolution (1 mb or more) image to be corrected. If you have a laptop you can follow along with your own image.
Kathy Hodge has been working in Photoshop preparing and correcting images for media for over 20 years. In her work at the Providence Journal she reviews hundreds of press releases, and knows the factors that can increase or prevent your news being published. 
$55 Members   $90 Non-members


Pins & Necklaces in Polymer Clay
with Image Transfers
Christy Sherman
Saturday, September 16
10 AM - 2 PM
Learn how to transfer artwork or photographs to polymer clay. This technique is perfect for making pins, necklaces or tiny art pieces. You will be able to make several pieces and try out different techniques, including black and white art on colored or metallic clay, colored images on white clay, simple shapes, decorative sculpted frames and how to make your transfer look aged. All materials will be provided. No experience needed.
$65 Members   $100 Non-members
$20 Material fee - All materials included

The Wickford Art Association is pleased to present International Artist & Teacher
Tereza Hazelton
Techniques of the Renaissance Masters
August 14 - 18, 2017
9 AM - 5 PM
Tuition: $500 members, $535 non-members

Teacher Tereza Hazelton will hold a weeklong workshop in the Techniques of the Renaissance Masters. Students will learn the Verdaccio under-painting method and how to mix a flesh palette and its application.
No experience is necessary. Students can work with oil or acrylics. Subject matter of landscapes, seascapes and portraits (head and shoulders) are welcome.
Tereza has over 30 years of experience as a painter and teacher. She is a member of the Copistes au Louvre, where she has exhibited her work six times. She has been in Paris more than ten times to paint within the Louvre, and brings students along with her. She has also painted in the Prado Museum in Madrid and the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.

To learn more about Tereza visit her website at www.tsartgallery.com
Upon registration a supply list and more detailed information about subject matter will be provided.


The Possibilities of Pastel
Jeanne Tangney
Thursdays, August 31 - Sept 28
(4 classes - no class 9/21)
2 PM - 5 PM
The possibilities of pastel are endless! Using a variety of techniques and subject matter, we will discover (or rediscover!) some of the many ways to use this versatile medium. This class will focus on exploring and expanding your focus and skills. Classes will include demonstration of methods, materials, and techniques, as well as plenty of individual attention. All levels are welcome. 
$150 Members   $185 Non-members
Supply list




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